Complete website built for photo sharing app


more about this project

What a challenge this one was! As a developer, one of the biggest issues I face is knowing how to properly plan. This Photosnap project was the first multi-page project I worked on. The hardest part goes back to what I mentioned earlier, proper planning.

My first approach was to create and build as I go. I quickly learned, this was definitely not the way to go. I had to restart my project from scratch before reaching the completion state. Below, I will outline a bit of the process that worked for me and finally led to my solution.

The process that worked:

1. Analyze the design

2. Determine reusable pieces

3. Write down a logical approach (pseudocoding)

4. Coding time! 💻

What I learned:

Through building this project, I was able to establish a solid process for building sites with multiple pages. I learned about the beauty and benefits of pseudocoding, planning before coding. Having that understanding lead to me having less repeated code in my work. I also learned how to develop coding habits. The Photosnap project had a lot of quirks, beside the multiple pages. I learned how to adjust when different errors came up. One specific one I remembered encountering was making the grids responsive. While it seems easy on the surface, making a 4 item grid responsive proved to be quite challenging for me. I had to do a lot of googling and a lot of thinking to help me overcome this issue.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this was a very challenging project to work on. It definitely made me a better developer and helped me gain a better understanding of building a decent scale project.